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We allow tutors to set their own hourly rate. You can base this on your experience or credentials in your field of expertise. There are always new job opportunities with hundreds of new students signing up every day. Refer to Pricing Reference for more detail. 

Bring your reputation
with you

There’s no need to start from scratch with zero reviews. New tutors can transfer up to 10 reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Your positive reviews will make you stand out to potential students.

Get paid directly from parents

Tutors get paid for lessons each week. Money is deposited directly into your bank account or debit card automatically, or you can cash out instantly with Express Pay. We handle all billing issues, making sure you receive payments on time and in full.

Be your
own boss

HeyTutor is simply a platform that connects you with students. You can decide which students you work with. HeyTutor offers a full live support system. This allows tutors and students to both have a great experience.

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Current tutoring jobs

Jasmine W.

Math tutoring job

I need to meet for a lesson to help my son with his next math exam.

posted 10 minutes ago

Dave Z.

English tutoring job

I am seeking a tutor for my English conversation.

posted 1 hour ago

Florence L.

Piano tutoring job

My daughter needs some classes in piano.

posted 2 hours ago