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 am a mom with two kids – 8 and 14 years old. I used PerfectTutor to look for piano and English teachers for them. I like the pre and post service they have, great communication. Highly recommend parents to use this site to look for tutors for their kids.

Mark Jance / Facebook

It is really hard to find a chemistry tutor that fit my needs, like additional past paper, exercises, etc. And thru PerfectTutor, I found the tutor that I needed. And there’s no extra charge on me, I really can’t believe in that.

Mark Jance / Facebook

I finally can find the most suitable tutor for my daughter. Thru PerfectTutor, I found a math tutor for my daughter, not only teaching her the math technique, but also teaching her “learn how to learn”, so now, she is willing to practice math by herself even I am not around.