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Is it free for the parents to search for tutors?

Yes, we provide the contact information to the parents, the service fee will be pay by the tutors directly to us.  We will not charge the parents any fees.

After tutoring sessions, if the tutor is not suitable for the student, what steps should be taken by the parents?

Unless the tutors commence severe condition (ie. Lateness, missing, qualification lying, severe ethic problem), the parents will have to pay the unpaid balance in full, then contact our office, we will recommend another tutor accordingly to the situation.

How do I confirm the match of my tutor and time?

When the student matches the tutors accordingly, our staff will call the parents to reconcile the confirmation, including the tutors information, time and location of the first tutoring session.  The parent will confirm the first session’s time and location to be correct.

How do I pay for the tutoring fee?

After each tutoring sessions, parents can pay to the tutors directly, in any methods.

After my first tutoring sessions, what should I do if I want to change the date and time for future tutoring sessions?

After matching the tutor to the student by our platform, and confirmation of the first session’s time and location, parents can contact the tutor directly to arrange a change of time and location, any changes to the sessions does not require our staff.