Terms of Service

Tutor Agreement Contract


Perfect Tutor’s responsibility

Perfect Tutor is an online trading platform whose responsibility is to provide a media for tutors and students/and or their parents so that tutors can provide tutoring services to them in the form of an independent with no employment relationship. Only relationship between tutors and Perfect Tutor is based on service providers and service users. There is no employment relationship between the two parties. Therefore, Perfect Tutor reserves the right to charge administrative fees according to the “Tutor Terms” stipulated by Perfect Tutor and the tutors. Successful registration means that the tutor agrees all the terms. The terms of the tutor are equivalent to the contracts between the Perfect Tutor and the tutor. Any rules, instructions, and disclaimers listed on the Perfect Tutor website are part of the Membership Agreement.


We do not guarantee the reasonableness of parents’ or students’ demands for instructors

Perfect Tutor makes it clear that there is no prior interview or home visit with parents or students. Therefore the legitimacy, reasonableness on principles of morality, academic, accomplishment, teaching quality and quality of the tutors are entirely depended on the students and/or their parents who Perfect Tutor has no control over.


We do not guarantee life safety

Perfect Tutor clearly states that we are not responsible for the tutors’ safety or other personal gain or loss, nor is it within the control of Perfect Tutor. Perfect Tutor expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any danger to personal life safety.


Long-term use of tutors by parents or students is not guaranteed

Perfect Tutor does not warrant the long-term use of tutors by parents or students. Tutors who use this web site must make their own assessment of the risks and other financial gains and losses. All users must be aware of the risks involved in dealing with people who are not legally aged, or who provide false grounds or who have no contractual capacity.


No warrant on the accuracy of the students and/or their parents or tutor status

Perfect Tutor cannot and does not confirm the identity of every parent or student or tutor. Therefore, all users must beware of fraud when accepting transactions with parents or students as indicated by Perfect Tutor. Perfect Tutor expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any act or omission of any user.


The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed

Perfect Tutor cannot guarantee the information provided by user through this online platform is completely accurate. Perfect Tutor expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any inaccuracy or omission of any user’s information.


Indemnify Perfect Tutor from legal liability

Perfect Tutor expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any disputes in any circumstances between the tutors and the students and/or their parents. Any dispute between parents and/or students and their tutors, including known and unknown, suspected or not, both public and undisclosed, Perfect Tutor will not be liable for any legal consequences.


Expenditure on Perfect Tutor

Users are responsible for all costs incurred by Perfect Tutor for any court order (whether by subpoena or by any court of competent jurisdiction, including any compliance with any disclosure document or by attending a court of law). Costs also Included but not limited to seeking legal or other professional advice or representations. 


Perfect Tutor’s rights


Suspension or termination of user

Perfect Tutor reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user without payment of compensation if there are: 
(a) breach of the terms and conditions set out in this contract, or 
(b) (through conviction, conciliation, insurance or custodial investigation or otherwise) for fraudulent activities in connection with this website.


The right to process the information provided by the user

Perfect Tutor has absolute and unlimited authority to reject or delete any information provided by users without notice or compensation to either party. Without prejudice to this right, any publication or continuation of any information provided by the tutor will result in Perfect Tutor being liable to a third party for any liability or causing Perfect Tutor to violate any law or rule in any valid jurisdiction, Perfect Tutor has absolute authority to refuse or modify any of the information provided.


Withdraw the right to provide intermediary services

Perfect Tutor has absolute and unlimited rights to withdraw any conditions of service without giving any notice or making any compensation to the tutor. Without prejudice to this right, Perfect Tutor reserves the right to withdraw the service if: 
(a) it is highly probable that the tutor provided personal data is not correct; 
(b) the Instructor is found to have breached any of the conditions and terms set forth in this Agreement, or his/her account was temporarily suspended by Perfect Tutor under the terms of this contract; 
(c) Perfect Tutor cannot verify or confirm any information provided by the tutor or students and/or their parents for any reason.


Right to refuse providing services

Perfect Tutor reserves the right to stop providing services to any member and reserves the right to refuse any application to become a member or to terminate the membership of any person without any explanation.


Right to change the fee

The fee for use of service is listed in Pricing Reference, which is included as part of the contract. Perfect Tutor reserves the right to change fees at any time. All users must check the fee schedule before using our services.


Adjust the right to this contract

Perfect Tutor reserves the right to add or delete all rights to this contract at any time without prior notice to members. Members must look through this contract information at any time to clarify the latest membership restrictions.


 Tutor’s responsibility

If you, as a tutor, confirm your acceptance of the Perfect Tutor transaction, you must do your best to follow the instructions agreed upon and attend the class on time. Please do not change your time without the consent of your parents or students. You agree to authorize Perfect Tutor to use your “registration information” for the promotion of this site without any restrictions. You also agree that we may display “Registration Information” in part or in whole without being subject to any provisions of the Copyright Laws. You agree not to use any tools, software or programs to interfere with the normal operation of our servers, nor to deliberately and systematically overload our systems. You must secure the member login name and password. You cannot spread any computer viruses or destructive programs to this site and all members of this site. You agree not to pursue any loss caused by the system failure of this site. Perfect Tutor will try its best to maintain the reliability of the system and maintain good efficiency. You may not perform any illegal or unethical behaviour through the services of this site.


Tutor is responsible to provide correct information

If the tutor fails to provide the correct information or the tutoring service is terminated due to the failure to provide correct information, Perfect Tutor may refuse to provide further service or may collect any administrative costs incurred.


Responsibility after revoking to provide tutoring service

Tutor can revoke to provide further service after mutual agreement. The tutor however must not pass on the information of his/her students and/or parents to any person.


Tutor’s responsibility on fraud

If the tutor is verified or Perfect Tutor believes or discovers that the tutor is more than likely to conduct any fraudulent activity with the parent or student by saying the tutoring service is terminated but in fact he/she is still providing the service to the parent or student, the membership of the tutor will be terminated and full payment of fee charged must be paid within seven days. This will not affect the decision even if the parent or student subsequently terminates the service of the tutor concerned. The tutor will be still required to pay the full service fee. Perfect Tutor retains all rights to take legal actions and will not tolerate any fraudulent activity.


 “Status quo” basis in providing service

Perfect Tutor provides services on a “status quo” basis. The sole responsibility of Perfect Tutor is set forth in this contract. Except the terms expressly set forth in this contract, Perfect Tutor makes no warranties. Perfect Tutor also cannot guarantee that the features set forth on this site and the services provided will be uninterrupted or error-free or that the issues will be fixed or that there are no viruses or other harmful elements on this site or its servers. Users must be responsible for their use on this website. 


Assuming no responsibility on the payment mechanism

The payment mechanism provided to users and the processing of payment facilities are solely for the users’ convenience. Perfect Tutor disclaims all warranties, express or implied, regarding such facilities. In no event will Perfect Tutor be liable for any errors, failures, interruptions, downtime, errors in calculations, errors or omissions caused by any technical issues, errors on amount deducted from or credited to your credit card account, delay, loss of confidence, loss or corruption of data, or any other loss, damages, costs or expenses incurred or incurred as a result of failure of the payment facilities.

Any part of the oral commitment between our staff and tutor may be considered as a formal agreement or contract and is legally binding. We may also record some or all of the dialogue.

You must be responsible for your “registration information”. This site is only a passive data collection and transmission intermediary. The “registration information” must be ethical and users must ensure that there is no breach of any law, including any source of violence, pornography and abusive language and that it does not include any content that violate the laws on privacy or discrimination. If Perfect Tutor decides that the content in your “registration information” will have any negative impact on any person or organization, we will retain the right to take legal action. If the said incidence happens, we also have the right to stop displaying your “registration information” to the public (including yourself) and permanently delete your membership.