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When do I pay the referral fee to Perfect Tutor platform?

After the first 2 sessions of tutoring, payment can be e-transfer to our payment email address or cheques can be mail to our office.

How are the referral fee calculated?

A: We will take the first 12 sessions tutoring fee as referral fees base on the agreement with the parent for the least of the 2 weeks sessions as basis.  The referral fees will be charged base on the agreement with the parent and the tutors upon monitoring by the platform.  Even if during the first 2 weeks, for any reasons, the number of sessions changes, it will be affect the referral fees.  However, if agree upon by the parents and tutors, the number of sessions increases, it will also increase the referral fees as well with no objections from the tutors.

What are the standards for the tutoring platform to recommend students to me as tutors?

Our platform have a stand-alone, unbiased analysis system, according to the qualifications, experiences, and personalities, to match students for specific tutors.

How can I increase my chance to be selected as tutors from the searching database?

  1. Details of the requests, locations and time available will allow to be contacted.
  2. Details of self description will help to be show on higher listing from the search
  3. With tutor’s best performance, reviews verified with parents / students, listing will be higher if there are no complaints or other bad behaviours.

When will I receive the contact information for the students?

After confirmation verbally on the conversation between the parent and teachers, we, the platform, will pass the contact information from both end to each sides by text messages.  After the text messages are sent, our matching procedure from our platform will be finished.  Even if in the following two weeks, the tutor will or will not continue to session the student, the tutors are still subject to the referral fee to our platform.  Details please refer to the “referral fee”

For my first tutor session, what should I prepare?

Tutor should prepare photo identification, ie. Driver license, passports, etc., personal academic references, including transcripts, certificates, etc.  These should be present to the student’s parents for reference and confirmation.

If the parents decide to decrease the number of lessons in the first 2 weeks, will the referral fee be adjustable?

The referral Is based on the agreement during the conservation, it is not based on the actual sessions, hence the referral fees are not adjustable.

If I agree verbally, but then decide to give up and stop the tutoring session, do I still subject to any referral fee?

After confirmation with our staff on the conversation for the matching case, for any reason the tutor decides to stop the tutoring session, it will be subject to administrative fee outline in the “Referral fee”.

If the parents terminated the tutors services, will I still subject to any referral fees?

If the parents terminated the tutors services with the first 2 weeks, our platform will need to be notify with 24 hours.  We will take the first session and half of any subsequent sessions as referral and refund the remaining.  However, if the tutor’s services are terminated after the first 2 weeks, the referral fees will still be charge, with a minimum of $300.

How come I’m still in title to the referral charges after I was terminated after taken the cases orally?

Base on the situation of the student and requirement, the tutor should have consider all possibilities before agreeing orally to take on the case.  As a responsible tutor, without all consideration of the situations and any possibilities, he should not agree on the case at all.  For this agreement, a breach of contract by the tutor, will affect the credibility of our platform and the students and the parents.  Hence, if the tutor decided to quit within the 48 hours of the first session, our platform will still charge the referral fee plus another $50 penalty.

If I cannot be at the tutor session for any reason, can I ask my friend / classmates or another person as supply tutor for me?

Under no circumstances, tutor can ask his/her friend/ classmates or any other person as supply tutor.  If it happens, the tutor will be subject to all the referral fee and any other circumstances.

After the first session, if tutor find the location of the session in appropriate, is he able to terminate the contract?

The location of the student’s session are available on their request profile, also, the location are also confirmed during the call session between the tutor and the student, or the parents.  Tutor are able to research the location information before upon agreement on the contract.  Hence, this reason is not legit for the tutor to terminate their contract.  If the tutor insist on terminating the contracts base on this reason, the platform will still charge the agreed referral fee plus $50 penalty, tutor will need to pay the referral fee plus penalties within 72 hours.